Street Lamps

This mod adds street lamps (electric poles that light the surrounding area).

5 months ago

b problems with blueprints and picker extended and more

1 year, 6 months ago
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at first i liked this mod a LOT (and i already was a fan of the old concrete lampposts mod), giving some light without the need to place lots of lamps manually and/or where space was barely available and/or indicating where main walkpaths are, etc.

but after using these lamps for some time now, i found some annoying properties and small bugs about this mod :-(

  • harmless: the crafting menu is cluttered with too many power poles (with and without lamps) and i often made the wrong ones. maybe this will improve when there are new graphics and icons, but the number of icons will still be a small problem.

  • although i can make blueprints that include these power poles, i can't directly place them where i took the blueprint or let blueprints overlap when tiling something, because these power poles show red when trying to do so ("they are not compatible with themselves"). as a workaround i can hold shift while placing a blueprint, but that doesn't only allow the blueprint to ignore this error but also might replace or change other items like assembler, remove trees and rocks, etc etc

  • i am using the picker extended mod to easily move items around when i try to find a new nice layout for something. but as a result i have the power pole at a new location on the next tile, and something invisible remains at the old location. i can't place anything new there and when i hold a power consumer in hand, i see a small blue cross at this old location, indicating that there is still a power consumer which wasn't moved with the power pole. how do i get rid of that invisible item? removing the power pole is no problem but the invisible item remains. even saving and reloading the map didn't help. I finally fixed this by disabling the mod and reloading the map, but that leads to another problem.

  • other mods use tricks, maybe somthing like storing some ID of that invisible item with the visible main item, or simply checking the surroundings of the deleted item. this mod seems to just ignore the invisible item, blocking the tile forever, with no simple known method to fix this.

  • when the mod is removed, the lighted power poles (the visible as well as the invisible parts of them) simply vanish and are not replaced by normal or any other power poles. thus the map becomes usable again, but only after i manually have fixed the entire factory by placing hundreds of vanilla power poles :-(
    btw: the migration info on loading the map without the mod told me that lots of xxx-street-lamp and xxx-hidden-lamp were removed, and almost as expected, the number of hidden-lamp was larger than the number of street-lamps, by exactly that number of poles which i had moved with the picker mod and then deleted the visible pole.
    edit: just found some method so that i don't have to manually fix the entire factory: remove mod, start game, look at how many poles the migration list shows, restart again with the mod and use the upgrade planner mod to change back to vanilla as many as i can find (maybe do it at night without night vision because then, they should be easier to find :-), save map, and repeat until migration has to remove only some hidden (bad) street lights :-)

i almost don't need normal and lighted versions of power poles on the same map. it would be nice if the new functionality was added to the vanilla power poles, thus not having all those double entries for lighted/unlighted poles in the craft menu, and so that removing the mod just removes the lighting and i keep the vanilla power poles.

1 year, 2 months ago

Hi Anson_AKB,

Thanks for your response about the street lamps. I'm glad that you like them aside from the issues with blueprinting and the other mod you use. I can certainly look into fixing the issues with the blueprints now that I have a bit more free time, and need update it for version 0.17.x anyway. I'll also look into the other issue with the removal of the mod and map stability after the fact.

Regarding the mod you use, I hadn't ever heard of that one or used it, so I of course never tested with that one. Unfortunately, there is simply no guarantee that this mod will work with any of the hundreds out there that I don't use. If I have the chance to check that other one out and do some testing, I will look into it. Otherwise, I can't (and don't) make any statements that the street lamps will work with other mods that I haven't explicitly tested.

Regarding the multiple icons, the plan was indeed to help that situation by the different art which, unfortunately, I haven't been able to get an artist for yet. I am curious about how you would want to see that resolved, though, aside from art. Would you prefer that once Optics is unlocked, the vanilla poles are simply removed and the only options is Street Lamps? Part of the reason I didn't do that was in case you don't have the materials to make a street lamp. You shouldn't be unable to make a simple power pole if you need one quickly, I don't think. I could categorize them differently so that they are separate from the other poles and not as confusing...

Thanks for your feedback!

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