Picker Dollies

by Nexela

Move most placed entities quickly and easily.

3 months ago
0.17 - 0.18

i Support for Shortwave mod

10 months ago
(updated 10 months ago)


Shortwave mod have two separate entity:
-The I/O ( where we connect the circuit wire), in a sense, this is kinda a hidden electric pole.
-The radio knob (where we can put the radio channel), this is the "real" entity; where if we want to deconstruct the entity, we select this radio button yellow rectangle.

If i use picker dollies on the radio knob, it didn't recognize the I/O as part of the entity.
Thus it will only move the radio knob, but left out the I/O port.

So, (if it's possible) can you add support so it can recognize these two entity as inseparable entity?

10 months ago

It is up to the shortwave mod to listen for the dollies moved event and update accordingly

10 months ago

Ah, i see, thank you.

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