GDIW - Gah! DarnItWater!

Allows switching liquid recipe inputs and outputs.
2 months ago
0.13 - 0.17

b Productivity Modules no longer accepted?

- 2 years ago

Love the "R" you added to the switched refineries and Chem plants, but, it looks like you can no longer have Productivity Modules in them?

- 2 years ago

I found the bug. Line 206 of data-final-fixes.lua is attempting to check if a recipe is in the productivity module's "limitation" but it's an array so we need to iterate over it and compare against each entry by hand.

- 2 years ago

Actually, I shortcut around iterating the entire array. The actual line is....

if vm.effect.productivity and vm.limitation and vm.limitation[kr] then

So first it checks if the module has a productivity effect.
Then it checks if it has limitations (its possible to have a Productivity Module without limitations, and bobs has a setting that makes use of that).
Then it checks if one of those limitations is the recipe (kr) it is already looking at. There is no need to iterate over each entry in the limitation array, since we already know the exact key we are looking for.

That being said, I will look into this, but I will point out that I don't receive notifications about these discussions, so they are not monitored.