Cractorio Full Pack

Extended krastorio 2, with rich rocks, extended endgame, alien tech card +++

3 months ago

g Some of the mods Shouldn't be a required dependancy

4 months ago

Some that are currently a dependancy should be treated as optional, in this case FNEI and Larger Lamps since there are more alternatives to the functionality those two provide.

4 months ago

I think I will remove all quality of life types mods in the future as that should be up to the player to choose.

But all the functionality of the mod lies in the Cractorio Base, so as long as that is enabled you don't miss out on anything.

4 months ago

I agree with all the functionality mods being a required dependency. I have a question: how recommendable is to add the silica/silicon and tungsten mods?

4 months ago

Feel free to add them. They are compatible. Tungsten is a nice add as it makes use of mineral water.

When it comes to what mods should change: what do you think of this?
Change to OPTIONAL:
"? calculator-ui",
"? CleanTiles",
"? clock",
"? DeadlockLargerLamp",
"? FNEI",
"? Li-Colorful",
"? lightorio",
"? ModuleInserter",
"? pump",
"? rewire-tool",
Anything to add remove on this list?

4 months ago
(updated 4 months ago)

Having GUI unifier and/or Shorcuts 1.1 mod would be good additions in case GUI unifier has the compatibilty for all the mods that Cracktorio uses. I'd also add artisanal reskins.

I would only add to the optional list the following mod:

The others while I prefer some other options they are good as it is. LTN & TSM being the main Train controller mods have capability of managing refueling but if ppl dont use those the refuel mod is a good addition.

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