by GotLag

Concrete retextured to not look like jumbled stone blocks.

1 year, 8 months ago
0.17 - 1.1

i using 0.17 refined concrete stones for brick pathes, and more combinations of graphics

2 years ago

this mod is great, and the 0.17 bricks/concrete were ugly. thus i'm gladly using "Rough Concrete and Refined Grid" now. the smoothed new concrete looks better while the vanilla concrete looks like stones, bricks or even coarse gravel. the old square concrete tiles fit exactly what i would consider more expensive pretty/refined concrete. but the brick path still is some coarse cobblestone, even when using the option for "Concrete Path" :-(

When using "Rough Concrete and Refined Grid", the original vanilla 0.17 refined concrete should be unused, and to me it looks exactly like many pathes in reality over here, that are made from (concrete) stones.
would it be possible to have an option to use those 0.17 refined concrete "stones" for stone-pathes ? or better yet (and maybe easier for users to select): having three separate mod options for bricks, normal concrete and refined concrete, each offering a dropdown with ALL possible graphic sets (new 0.17 bricks, new 0.17 concrete, smoothed new concrete, new 0.17 refined concrete stones, old 0.15 concrete grid) for each of them.

I wouldn't mind if users can "accidentally" select the same graphics for different floors, causing to have different floors with the same graphics but different properties. this would even allow eg drive assist to prefer specific lanes that are invisible to the user :-) :-)

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