Bridge Railway

by MrP123

A mod that adds rails which can be placed on water

3 years ago
0.13 - 0.15

i Update to 0.15

3 years ago


I found the updated readme on your github announcing that the mod will be abandoned cause of land fill.

Please please please update this mod. I personally hate landfill cause it feels a unnatural and theres little challange to it if you dont have to work around water any more.

This mod enables players to travel over water but building bridges is a challange and requires significantly more materials then just stone, and in a limited sense of they have to be on a train to do it. I feel its a perfect balance, more so then landfill at least.

3 years ago

it also looks allot nicer, although i would suggest making the bridge rails have a wider wooden bridge look under them, i used to use this mod along with landfill before it was put in the vanilla game. but also if you dont want to update it do you mind if i ask the guy makeing bio industries to put this in his mod [he already change the cost of rails and added wooden ones which are useless to me]

3 years ago

Sorry for the (very) late response, I'm not very active here.
I myself didn't intend to update the mod, but another user on github took the time to update it to Factorio 0.15. I updated the download link here aswell.
I hope its still usefull for you.

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