BeltRouter Lite

by plexpt

BeltRouter lite version. 90MB->400KB. This mod allows you to route belts and pipes automatically: 1. Put the starting belt and ending belt on ground first, 2. then select the starting belt with control+right-click and 3. select a ending belt with control+left-click. Boom, belt ghosts are created! (hint: you can also disable underground belt by shift+ctrl+left-click at the ending belt)

2 years ago

b Breaks in Space Exploration's nav mode

1 year, 2 months ago

Space Exploration's nav mode (aka satellite mode, nav view, satellite view, "as a satellite", etc) breaks BeltRouter, because cheat mode is turned on for nav mode (in order to let the player place infinite wires anywhere, remotely set recipes, etc). As a result, whenever you use BeltRouter in nav mode, it places actual entities, rather than ghosts. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install SE and BeltRouter Lite.
  2. Load a save of any kind where you can use nav view/satellites (not sure how to set this up easily; usually you need to launch a satellite first, done similarly to the base game).
  3. Go into nav view (QWERTY N key by default).
  4. Use BeltRouter Lite.
    Expected behavior: Belt or pipe ghosts are spawned.
    Actual behavior: Belts or pipes are spawned.

I'm informed that in space-exploration/scripts/remote-interface.lua, there's an interface exported to check if the player is in nav mode:

-- Triggered _before_ controller has been changed. Player not guaranteed to have a character.
-- /c"space-exploration", "get_on_remote_view_started_event")
        get_on_remote_view_started_event = function() return RemoteView.on_remote_view_started end,
-- Triggered _after_ controller has been changed. Player not guaranteed to have a character.
-- /c"space-exploration", "get_on_remote_view_stopped_event")
        get_on_remote_view_stopped_event = function() return RemoteView.on_remote_view_stopped end,

I believe this is what you want to use to check.

9 months ago

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