Actual Craft Time

Display actual craft times for assemblers, furnaces and rocket silo
3 months ago
0.16 - 0.17

b Crash with Angels Bio

- 9 months ago

Got this error now when ever i use a seeed extractor, havent checked other machines yet, Love your work
Error while running event Actual_Craft_Time::on_gui_opened (ID 83)
Gui element with name desert-4-seed-ingredientWrap already present in the parent element.
stack traceback:
Actual_Craft_Time/control.lua:179: in function 'addItemFrame'
Actual_Craft_Time/control.lua:346: in function <Actual_Craft_Time/control.lua:240>

- 9 months ago

ok, I'll have a fix for the next version

- 9 months ago

Your amazing thank you

- 6 months ago

I got the same error when opening the science labs that are part of seablock (ScienceCostTweaker). Just fixed it by using string.find(, "lab") instead of the equality check ;)