5Dim's mod - Core

by McGuten
Core and settings of 5dim's mod
2 months ago
0.13 - 0.18

b Unable to start

- 8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

-- For 5Dim's resources --

I don't know which module of 5dim's is causing that, but I can't start the game
Here the error:

98.400 Mods to disable:Failed to load mods: Error while running setup for entity prototype "electric-furnace" (furnace): next_upgrade target (electric-furnace-2) must have the same fast_replaceable_group (furnace != electric-furnace).

Mods to be disabled:
• 5dim_resources
• warptorio2
• bobassembly
• Natural_Evolution_Enemies

Come from "5dim_resources" module, a quick fix:
Replace the "prototypes/changes.lua" with that -> https://pastebin.com/tpr1tcPm

The fixed file: [5Dim's resources]

- 8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

-- For 5Dim's automation --

Another error, the mod "5dim_automatization" is not compatible with the latest version of factorio cause of the chemical plant graphics changes, throwing this error:

100.039 Mods to disable:Failed to load mods: File not found: base/graphics/entity/chemical-plant/hr-boiling-green-patch-mask.png

Mods to be disabled:
• warptorio2
• 5dim_automatization
• bobplates

Ok, another quick fix:
Added old chemical plant png in the mod folder, and changed all paths

Here the fixed file: [5Dim's automation]

- 8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

-- For 5Dim's Nuclear --

Never two without three, third error for 5Dim's nuclear:

99.848 Mods to disable:Failed to load mods: The given sprite rectangle (left_top=0x0, right_bottom=320x320) is outside the actual sprite size (left_top=0x0, right_bottom=320x316).: base/graphics/entity/nuclear-reactor/hr-reactor-pipes.png

Mods to be disabled:
• 5dim_nuclear
• warptorio2

Ok, same things that 5Dim's automation done to fixe the problem
Here the fixed file: [5Dim's Nuclear]

- 8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

Ok, now the game is starting, all modules are fixed for the last Factorio update
Thanks :)

- 8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

-- For 5Dim's Core --

Another little thing that make an error on start
5Dim's core make no-stackable objects stackable
Factorio isn't agree with that:

97.645 Mods to disable:Failed to load mods: Error while loading item prototype "teleportation-portal" (item): 'stack_size' must be 1 when 'stackable' is false.
Modifications: Teleportation_Redux › 5Dim's mod - Core

Mods to be disabled:
• Teleportation_Redux
• 5dim_core

Here the fixed file: [data-final-fixes.lua]

- 8 months ago

Thanks a lot, Mugiwaxar!