0.17 Science Packs

Changes the science pack recipes to match 0.17.
10 months ago

b [Fixed] Mod overrides any technology added by other mods

- 10 months ago

In the data-final-fixes.lua the mod is overriding "advanced-material-processing" and thus removing any technology added by other mods.

With "Quarry" mod it removes "Quarry mk2",
with "Electric Furnaces" (https://mods.factorio.com/mod/Electric%20Furnaces) it removes "Electric steel furnace".

I was able to fix it locally by changing lines after 59:
data.raw["technology"]["advanced-material-processing"].effects = {
type = "unlock-recipe",
recipe = "steel-furnace"
type = "unlock-recipe",
recipe = "low-density-structure"

table.insert(data.raw["technology"]["advanced-material-processing"].effects,{type = "unlock-recipe",recipe = "low-density-structure"})

Didn't test it but "rocket-silo" technology is probably affected too since the mod overrides it in similar way

- 10 months ago
(updated 10 months ago)

Oversight of me. Will be fixed in 0.1.7.
Funny story: I read about this just only today as I am relative new to modding compared to some of the giants.