Mods by kleopi

[TKN] Reptainium

by kleopi
Adds a new material called Reptainium which can be obtained by sacrificing lots of materials. Reptainium can then be processed into other materials. In this way you can turn leftover iron into copper or even into circuits. NEW: Added the second Tier. Machines are still invisible...intended ofc *cough* For discussions feel free to join our Discord: http://discord.gg/G9QwJWA
2 years ago

[TKN] Robotics

by kleopi
Adds two new types of robots: Earlyrobots, made from cheap materials,unlocked early on and lightningrobots, pricey but extremely fast. Works well will other mods, including bob and angel. Last Update: Changed recipes of Logistic chests to not require Advanced Circuits anymore. Lightningbots now need Processing-units now. For discussions join our Discord: discord.gg/G9QwJWA
7 months ago
0.15 - 0.16