Mods by Spacedestructor

Industrial Revolution Modpack

An Industrial Revolution Modpack as it is played by Spacedestructor

11 months ago

Spacedestructor Space Exploration Modpack

An Space Exploration Modpack as it is played by Spacedestructor! Re uploaded since people kept confusing this version with the original and i had to change the name to make it even more ovious. *insert frustrated emoji* Important information in the Full Description.

18 days ago

Spacedestructor Uranium Enrichment Rebalance For Space Exploration

This is my Personal Rebalance Mod for the Uranium Enrichment in Space Exploration because i belive 40 rare resource and 5 common for a gain of +1 rare and -3 common is ways to slow to get in to effect. So i rebalanced it to 4 common and 1 Rare instead for the same gain and loss but faster taking effect in gameplay.

4 months ago

Spacedestructor shallow Waterfill

Adds shallow, normal and Deep Water Fill. Has support for other Water Fill mods to adjust itself to them. Note: Only have one other Water Fill Mod enabled along side to this one as it will asume you got only the first it can find enabled, any extra may cause unexpected behaviour. While not necessary i recommend if your interested in using this one to read both Notes in the full Description.

18 days ago

To the Future Modpack

This is a Modpack used a a shortcut to auto download the required mods for you! Skandragon's Advanced Mining is recommended to not use because it conflicts with the Trasport Drones Mod by Klonan!

2 years ago

Spacedestructor Islands

This is a basic modpack i put together that replaces the games island generation with one where you get islands generated when you venture further out. its a mix of my older version of it, my must have mods list and a few taken from space exploration that i thought would be fitting.

5 months ago

Spacedestructor Space Exploration Modpack deprecated

An Space Exploration Modpack as it is played by Spacedestructor. This is not the Original version!

9 months ago