Mods by Owoshima

Ultimate Belts_Owoshima-Mod

This mod adds an additional five tiers of belts to the game, beyond what is currently available from other mods. The fastest belt in this mod is equivalent to 6 express belts. Modified by Owoshima to adjust the bet speeds to acheive close to the new max belt speed.

2 years ago

Proper Tier Doubling - Belts & Assemblers

Proper Tier Doubling - Each assembler doubles in speed as the tier increases to allow for halving of ratios and setups per tier. This doubling also applies to belt speed, cleanly going from 15/s to 30/s to 60/s. No more do you have to figure out 0.75 or 1.25 setups or dealing with wonky 45/s belts! Double Speed Belts by darkfrei *note* this mod was made for me personally, as such I have combined two features together since I could not find another mod that did this so simply.

a month ago