Artisanal Reskins: Bob's Mods

by Kirazy

Reskins items, entities, and technologies within Bob's mods to add tier colors and icon labeling. Features high-res icons and updated sprites to align with vanilla Factorio, and supports player-customizable tier labels, colors and mapping. Part of the Artisanal Reskins series.

11 hours ago
1.0 - 1.1

b [Fixed] Cannot load mod

2 years ago

Hey there, I was just trying this out. Loaded in addition to Bob's + Angel's, with ShinyBob + ShinyAngels. Got this error message:

44.962 Mods to disable:Fehler beim Laden der Mods: The given sprite rectangle (left_top=0x0, right_bottom=64x64) is outside the actual sprite size (left_top=0x0, right_bottom=32x32).
If this is being used as an icon you may need to define the icon_size property.: ShinyAngelGFX/graphics/icons/chemical-plant-1.png

Mods, die deaktiviert werden müssen:
• ShinyAngelGFX (0.18.2)
• aai-industry (0.4.13)
• angelspetrochem (0.9.11)
• angelsrefining (0.11.13)
• bobassembly (0.18.5)
• reskins-bobs (0.0.2)
• bobplates (0.18.8)

Feels like a bug in ShinyAngel, but ShinyAngel works when not loading this mod.

2 years ago
(updated 2 years ago)

This is a ShinyAngel bug. :C

He's changing where the icon is located without updating icon_size, as far as I can tell.

And since his icons are all 32x32 pixels, and mine are 64x64 pixels, and he's re-pointing an icon I previously set, it's breaking.

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