King Jo's Warhammer 40K Iron Fist Dreadnought

Adds a Warhammer 40K Iron Fist Dreadnought. It has a cannon, a bolter and can speak on command.

4 months ago

i K2 +SE support improvement

1 year, 1 day ago

With K2 and SE mods this wonderful killing machine is ridiculously deep in tech tree. Could you provide some mode settings to change the technology card which is needed for research? The recipe requires pretty simple components but tech cards are at the very bottom of the tree.

a year ago

Adding support for Krastorio 2 for my mods is a big step I've so far been successful to avoid XD

It will come some day. I hope. Maybe today. I dunno. You know me and my update schedule XD

a year ago
(updated a year ago)

XD tons of tyranids are impatiently wait for this

11 months ago

With the last update about compatibility for SE I can prove that the recipe is good for now. Thanks!

11 months ago

In the scope of this item - could equipment support be upgraded?

P.S. It would be nice to have the support of "Vortik's armor plates".

11 months ago

What do you mean? It supports all the SE equipment doesn't it?

10 months ago

You can see all info on screenshots below: --- what could be used in Dreadnought --- all K2+SE + some other equipment, as for example there is info from a solar panel from K2

I think that yes - SE equipment is all work fine, but not K2

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