by N0TZ3R0

Adds a Electric Transformer to powerup our vehicles. With this mod you can turn almost any vehicle into an electric vehicle.

5 months ago

b doesnt work

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

for me it doesnt work at all :( for some reason i can only put this electric transformer into cargo plane 2 and 3 ( from better cargo planes ) and variuos power armors for character
no tank , no other planes , no trains and no standard car and no any vehicle from AAI

8 months ago

Hmm, that's because they use other vehicle names to register those, since my mod "search" only for car, locomotive, and spider-vehicle...

And since I'm new to modding, will took a little while till I can fix that...

You mean 'standard car's the vanilla car ?

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)

yes its standard car with added vehicle grid - thats not big deal cos it cant fit that 3x3 transformer anyway but others would be very nice to have
tank is also vanila ...

i use 3 mods that add/change vehicles - bob ( mk2 and mk3 tanks and trains + armoured trains) , aircraft ( 4 planes - gunship, cargo , jet and fortress + on top of it better cargo planes that adds mk2 and mk3 cargo plane but those seems to work ) and AAI which got separate mods for every vehicle and im using warden, hauler and flame tumbler

i tried to put that transformer into warden but also it shows red on tank and car ( even when it doesnt fit ). My tech lvl doesnt allow me to try others but that electric transformer item shows me to what things i can install it to and as i said before it only shows cargo plane mk2 and mk3 plus power armors for character , nothing else

back to your question about vanila car - when i hover mouse over it info shows it got changed thro mods in that order - base mod -> vehicle trails ->alien biomes ->light cone ->bobs vehicle equipment mod ->vehicle physics -> alien biomes

also i forgot to mention i also use cargo ships mods which would be cool too if get option to use your mods

tnx for your work :)

8 months ago

Oh, thanks for all these details, I'll do more searching then make that work, also, about vanilla car, it works fine on mine, I think the mod you have that add grid to vehicles changed the "equipment" name from "armor" which is the one that I'm using to other name so it dosen't detect the transformer as an equipment, do you know the mod name that you're using that add vehicle grids?

8 months ago

i got mod vehicle grid but i think it only add grid to vehicle wagon (from vehicle wagon mod) cos it got setting to not override existing grids (also number doesnt match to what i have ingame) so i think its bob vehicle equipment mod that add grid to all vehicles

8 months ago

Yep I c, it's bob's vehicle, I'm trying some fixes and in the next build it should work, maybe today or tomorrow, stay tuned.

8 months ago

Updated. could u please confirm if it's now working?

8 months ago

yea seems like you got it :)

can put it into car now and everything else shows on list plus even more stuff i forgot to mention like helicopters and logistic wagon from diffrent mods

great work !

8 months ago

Yay haha, closing the topic.

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