Mods by jarcionek

Ghost In Hand

When a last held item is placed (either by you or by your construction robots) normally your hand would be emptied forcing you to pick that item again. This mod changes this behaviour, so that when you run out of items, a held item is replaced with its ghost.

3 months ago
0.17 - 1.1

Zooming Reinvented

This mod allows to heavily customise the zooming behaviour, in particular it allows to: - change how far you can zoom out (and still see the world) - change how aggressive the zooming is (equivalent to changing mouse wheel sensitivity) - change at what position and zoom level the map opens - zoom in or out instantly with a single key stroke See homepage/mod portal/readme for a full explanation of how this mod works. Please report any bugs and usability issues you find to help make this mod better - your feedback is much appreciated.

2 years ago

Zoom Presets

Four configurable keys to set desired zoom level and view type. Allows to zoom out farther than in the base game. With a single key press you can open a map maximally zoomed out. With another key press you can see a large world area around you. No more scrolling with your mouse wheel! Default controls: CTRL + [1-4]

2 years ago

Quick Deconstruct

Mark for deconstruction a selected entity with a single key stroke! Just hover over the building and hit DELETE (configurable) and your robots will do the rest. Warning: Does not work with "Undo" shortcut!

2 years ago