Mods by The-Noble

SE-K2 Efficent Smelting

Adds a new technology that adds re-add's the 1:1 ratio's from vanilla. Unlocked with Production Science. Has startup option to unlock this from the beginning. Mod is intended to keep the early game like Krastorio, but the space phase more like Space Exploration and Vanilla.

6 months ago

Less Coke for Krastorio 2

Changes some recipes with Coke in Krastorio 2. A fork of vlczero's mod. Allows you to turn off coke as a requirement in Steel, and/or Research Data. Also adds option for easier wood-less Coke Recipe

6 months ago

Noble's Space Exploration Tweaks

Adds toggleable tweaks for some things in Space Exploration, focusing on adding things that change production lines, not specifically focused on making it easier. Has Krastorio 2 as a soft dependency, it is not needed to use this mod, those features will simply be disabled!

13 days ago

Space Exploration Vanilla Recipes

A massive recipe overhaul mod that removes most of AAIs and Space Exploration's changes to vanilla recipes, this will not disable/change every recipe, but some notable changes are most buildings, belts, inserters, and much more! The more controversial changes will have toggles, such as Circuits, Modules, LDS, and Engines.

12 days ago