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True Nukes

Adds realistic nuclear blasts, and more nuclear options, including various scales of atomic artillery shell, as well as atomic cannon shells. Also adds thermobaric weapons (these are like fuel air bombs), which act as early game nukes. Simulates the blast wave, thermal impact, crater and fireball of nuclear weapons.

18 hours ago
0.18 - 1.1

Tanks! for Bob!

by LCruel

Mod focussed on giving better and specialized tanks. Giving you more options to attack in early and mid game.

22 hours ago
0.13 - 1.1

Bigger Artillery

Adds a bigger Artillery with intercontinental range. -Highly customizable -Should be compatible with all mods NEW: Balancing update

23 hours ago
1.0 - 1.1

RFP Addon: Weaponry [RFW]

Energy production isn't the only use of nuclear fusion. Weapons of mass destruction are another use, for example.

a day ago
1.0 - 1.1

Bitters Mines

A mod that add landmines that spawn bitters and turn worms turrets avaible for build

a day ago

Spidertron Extended

Adds Spidertron MK2, Spidertron MK3, the Immolator and the Ghost Weaver, more powerful upgraded versions of Spidertron that can be crafted from the original, with enhanced firing capabilities, larger inventory size, equipment grid, radar coverage, mobility and much more.

2 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Warhammer 40K Astartes Armoury (Fork)

For The Emperor! Adds 5 bolter weapons and 6 bolt types. (Fork of MrSilver2510's Mod:

2 days ago

Total Automization - RTS Rebalance

Add RTS units and deployment mechanics.

5 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Nuclear Artillery Shell

by Aephiex

Adds nuclear artillery shell to the game.

6 days ago
0.16 - 1.1

Knock Knock Artillery

The final answer to the question: I have a gun, why should I walk? - an artillery shell which does almost no damage but uncovers a large area of the map.

13 days ago

Spidertron Tiers

by Zangeti

Adds 13 new unique Spidertrons! Wether high firepower, early game, speed, inventory size or fog war reveal, there is something for everyone.

14 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Make Artillery Great Again

Fire power, more more Fire Power ! ( Mod name is just parody, Not more or less than that ) Add some options for Artillery Shell - Increase Artillery shell damage by research - Settings availavble for damage Increasement, Base damage, Base effect area(radius) - Add damage technology

15 days ago
1.0 - 1.1


by DemonX3

Spidertron? Nah, they're mere Insectitrons. Early-Mid Tier Spidertrons for all your spider needs.

17 days ago
0.18 - 1.1


Add new components, ammunition and weapons to Factorio

18 days ago
0.17 - 1.1

Light Artillery

by kizrak

Early game Light Artillery

18 days ago
0.17 - 1.1


Turrets are built using salvaged self-learning AI tech from your ship allowing them to get deadlier with practice. Extends turrets via ranking system based on kills. Turrets generated so not limited to vanilla, identifiable by overlaid rank insignia. Rank buffs individual turrets.

23 days ago
1.0 - 1.1


by 5trubel

Adds the Mystic Hydrogen-Bomb

24 days ago
0.17 - 1.1

Orbital Ion Cannon (SE Edition)

When you need to call down the thunder to deal with those pesky biters, launch a rocket with an ion cannon into orbit and show the bugs who's boss. Now compatible with the planets and moons from Space Exploration.

25 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Vehicle turrets

Adds upgradeable vehicle gun and rocket turrets, for a fun alternative to turret creep

26 days ago
0.14 - 1.1

Assault Rifle

Adds an assault rifle to military tech 3. It shoots faster then the submachine gun and has a damage boost of 20%. Range is 20 vs the submachine guns 18. It requires 10 gear, 5 copper plates, 15 steel plates.

27 days ago
0.17 - 1.1
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