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Adds 4 aircraft, each with their benefits and drawbacks, to allow for more biter-killing fun!

8 months ago
0.13 - 1.1


by Zaflis

Smoothly snaps movement angle when driving cars or tanks.

1 year, 8 months ago
0.13 - 1.1

AAI Vehicles: Flame Tumbler

A very high speed ramming vehicle hardened against collision damage and armed with a flamethrower. Suitable for rapid base assault, wilderness exploration, and hit-and-run engagements. Can be automated with AAI Programmable Vehicles mod.

1 year, 8 months ago
0.14 - 1.1

5Dim's mod - New Transport

by McGuten

Transport for 5dim's mod You can move all of your stuff along your base efficiently with a new bundle of transport belt, loaders and inserters This mod include: - 10 tiers of transport belts. - 10 tiers of underground belt (and new x30 and x50 underground belts) - 10 tiers of splitters - 8 tiers of loaders - 10 tiers of default inserters, filter inserters, stack inserters and stack filter inserters - 10 tiers of pumps

1 year, 14 days ago
0.13 - 1.1


by kumpu

Adds a fully animated attack helicopter to the game. Ideal for getting from A to B quickly, exploring the map, building islands and nuking biters from the sky. Now 84% less buggier!

3 years ago
0.15 - 0.17


Speed across land and water in your own personal hovercraft. 2 versions, plus 2 more with the mod 'Laser Tanks'.

14 days ago
0.16 - 1.1


by Bilka

Adds combustible lemons, a portal gun and portals. Each player has their own set of portals that can be used by all players.

6 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

SUPERSONIC High Speed Train & fast large wagon Mod

Adds a high-speed and extra fast train & large wagons to Factorio for travel purposes and fast high quantity transport.

11 months ago
0.16 - 1.1


This mod adds personal Teleaporter to the game. A lot of Thanks to iUltimateLP and his mod SimpleTeleporters for inspiration and for the use of His Code and graphics

9 months ago
0.13 - 1.1


by Apriori

[OUTDATED] Look for Teleportation_Redux by Silari. Devices for the teleportation. Techs for mid- and late-game. You can teleport either to the special beacons or as far as you see (also usable in zoom-ro-world mapview). You can also use Telelogistics part after both enabling it through the in-game mod settings menu and researching the technology. Just place a Teleprovider, press R on it and select a destination Beacon. Need feedback about telelogistics energy cost.

4 years ago
0.14 - 0.16


by maroder

Flying vecicle like airplane. You need to achieve a certain speed for take off.

1 year, 14 days ago
0.13 - 1.1


For your transporting needs, FE-Transport is here to bring your more belts, inserters, and fluid options!

1 year, 5 months ago
0.13 - 1.1

Noxys Swimming

by _Noxy_

Allows you to "Swim" through water.

5 months ago
0.16 - 1.1


by Hermios

Connect rails to electric and signals circuits, and use electric trains

2 years ago
0.14 - 0.18

Infinite train research for better braking

Adds a extra research to increase train braking force.

11 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

LJD Vehicles

by steinio

Adds in new Vehicles to the game -graphics by YuokiTani

1 year, 7 months ago
0.16 - 1.1


Speed across land and water in your own personal hovercraft, but watch out for trees! Now with Missiles!

2 years ago
0.16 - 0.17

Electric Vehicles: Reborn

Electric vehicles running on battery energy. Based on mknejp's Electric Vehicles mod.

2 years ago
0.16 - 0.18


Update of Bulldozer mod for 0.16. Original mod by Cheata, with updates and contributions from hassad, ckhawks, and amwdrizz; refactored for performance/simplicity by Nexela.

1 year, 7 months ago
0.16 - 1.1
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