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Quick Item Search

Quickly and easily search for items in your inventory or connected logistic network. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the results, and take actions depending on where the item is.
a day ago
0.17 - 0.18

Factory Planner

This mod allows you to plan your production in advance, specifying the recipes and machines that make up each assembly line. It provides powerful features that are fast and intuitive to use, so you can focus on actually building your factory.
a day ago
0.17 - 0.18

Quorum Enforcer

by Baughn
Enforces time dilation if too many players are offline
a day ago
0.17 - 0.18

Cursor Upgrade Carousel

Shift+scroll to quickly access an item's upgrades or downgrades. If you do not have the item, the ghost cursor will be used instead (100% not cheaty!). Should be compatible with all mods out of the box, assuming they correctly defined their entities' upgrades. Users can also define their own custom upgrade paths in the mod settings.
a day ago
0.17 - 0.18


by Mylon
Roboports automatically place concrete within their reach.
2 days ago
0.14 - 0.18


by Wyrrrd
Automatically set inserter filters based on adjacent inventory.
2 days ago
0.17 - 0.18

TVC Train Monitor

Show notifications for when trains leave stations, auto names the trains for your sponsors
2 days ago
0.17 - 0.18

Even Distribution

Modifies CTRL + Click Drag to evenly distribute the items over multiple buildings. Also adds Inventory Cleanup hotkey (SHIFT+C) which evenly distributes excess trash items from inventory into nearby machines.
4 days ago
0.15 - 0.18

Patch FR des Mods

by bev
Ce mod permet de traduire les mods suivants en français (près de 150 !) : Les mods 5Dim (Automated Fuel & Ammo, Automatization, Battlefield, Bot Recaller, Core, Decoration, Energy, Equipment, Infinite Research, Logistic, Mining, Module, Nuclear, Ores, Resources, Trade, Trains, Transport et Vehicle) Les mods AAI (Industry, Programmable Structures, Programmable Vehicles, Signals, Signal Transmission, Vehicles: Chaingunner, Vehicles: Flame Tank, Vehicles: Flame Tumbler, Vehicles: Hauler, Vehicles: Laser Tank, Vehicles: Miner Vehicles: Warden et Zones) Les mods Angel (Bio Processing, Industries, Infinite Ores, Petro Chemical Processing, Refining et Smelting) et addons (C.A.B., Ore Silos, Petrochem Train, Pressure Tanks, Smelting Train et Warehouses) Les mods Bob (Assembling machines, Character classes, Electronics, Enemies, Greenhouse, Adjustable Inserters, Logistics, Mining, Modules, Ores, Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates Power, Revamp, Tech, Vehicle Equipment et Warfare) Et les mods suivants : Angel's Smelting Patch • Air filtering • Alien Biomes • Asphalt Roads • Auto Deconstruct • Auto Trash • Beautiful Bridge Railway • Bio Industries • Biter Reincarnation • BiusArt Light poles • Bob's Mods : Alternate Textures • Bottleneck • Bulk Rail Loader • Cargo Ships • Charcoal Burner • CJs QualityOfLife Research 01 • Crafting Speed Research • Creative Mod • Deep core mining • Disco Science • Electric Furnaces • Enchanted Electronics • Enchanted Industries & Chemicals • Enchanted Nuclear • Enhanced Map Colors • Even Distribution • Event Listener • EvoGUI - Evolution Factor Indicator and more • Extended Vanilla - Roboports • Factory Planner • Far Reach • Fill4Me • Fire Department • Flare Stack • FNEI • HelicopterRevival • Hovercrafts • Islands World • Landfill Painting • Light Artillery • Lighted Electric Poles + • Loader Redux • LTN - Logistic Train Network • LTN Combinator • LTN Content Reader • LTN Tracker for .18 • Lumberjack • M.I.R.V. • Max Rate Calculator • Mining Drones • Module Inserter • Nanobots: Early Bots • Natural Evolution Buildings • Natural Evolution Enemies • Natural Tree Expansion Reloaded • Noxys Trees • Nuclear Fuel • Picker Extended Version • Quality of Life research • Realistic Electric Trains • Resource Spawner Overhaul • Reverse Factory • Robot Army • Robot Attrition • Robot Tree Farm • RPG System • Safety Nuke Launcher • Santa's Nixie Tube Display • ScienceCostTweaker • Sea Block • ShinyAngelGFX • ShinyBobGFX • Side Inserters • Smarter Trains • Space Extension Mod (SpaceX) • Squeak Through • Text Plates • The Ruins Mod • Toxic Forest • Transport Drones • Tree Nuke • Vanilla Loaders HD • VehicleSnap • Waterfill • What is it really used for? • Wood-Walls • WoodToOil • YARM - Resource Monitor [WIP] = Work In Progress (En cours d'avancement)
7 days ago
0.16 - 0.18

Hazard Lights Selection Tool

A mod that adds a selection tool to Hazard Lights to you can add and remove lights from any buildings you want
8 days ago
0.17 - 0.18

Transfer of entities

Allows players transfer entities to other teams. + 🇷🇺 locale
9 days ago
0.17 - 1.0

Show health and shield

Shows a health/shield player and a shield vehicle in the game. Shows after leaving a vehicle temporarily its shield. When your cursor hovers over a transport will show its shield. Several types of individual display. + 🇷🇺 locale
9 days ago
0.16 - 1.0

Chat of extended interactions

Adds draggable chat, new chat commands, new chat types, new chat interactions (for example: localised messages, storing previous sent message, offline/online players/teams, relationships, filters etc), new hotkeys for chat. Provides customizable chat through mod interface, chat settings. + 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 🇷🇴 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 locales
9 days ago
0.16 - 1.0

Bob's Locale Translations

Adds translations for Bob's mods, ShinyBob and other supporting mods for Bob's from the Community. Contribute on crowdin!
9 days ago
0.13 - 0.18

Helmod: assistant for planning your base.

by Helfima
Assistant to plan its base. calculates the needs, resources, factories, beacon or electric power.
11 days ago
0.14 - 0.18

HandyHands - Automatic handcrafting

by Qon
Automatically start handcrafting an item that is quickbar filtered that you don't have enough of whenever your crafting queue is empty. Prioritises items in your cursor. Change settings with hotkeys. Don't forget to automate production of everything!
13 days ago
0.13 - 0.18


by ixu
Patches all map presets (except default). The following settings are modified: - Disable cliffs - Disable enemies - Enable research queue
13 days ago
0.17 - 0.18

Auto Deconstruct

by mindmix
This mod marks drills that have no more resources to mine for deconstruction.
13 days ago
0.13 - 0.18

Power Grid Comb

Provides a tool to remove and instantly replace electricity infrastructure in an area, cosmetically cleaning up any inconsistent power cable due to out of order building while leaving circuit wiring alone
14 days ago
0.16 - 0.18

Copy Paste Modules

by kajacx
Copy and paste modules together with machine settings.
15 days ago
0.17 - 0.18