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by Darkcry
Teams can build their own Factory with separate research. By default the rocket silo can not be build by players but there is one randomly spawned in the world
8 hours ago
0.14 - 0.17

Resource Spawner Overhaul

by orzelek
Overhauls resource spawning system.
6 days ago
0.14 - 0.17

Team Mod

This mod enables separate teams for fun competition.
6 days ago
0.16 - 0.17

Frontier Extended

by MojoD
A challange map to find the silo and launch a rocket. Based on a scenario released for 0.14
7 days ago
0.16 - 0.17

Alternative Starts

by Vas
Gives you some options for some alternative starts, use Mod Settings to select which one you want otherwise you will default to base game start.
7 days ago
0.16 - 0.17

Hand Craft Everything

by spiwn
Makes it so that advanced recipies can be crafted by hand
9 days ago
0.16 - 0.17

RPG System

This mod adds an RPG system to the game (XP and level-up)
11 days ago
0.16 - 0.17

Keniras Random Recipes

by Kenira
Randomizes recipes (amount of ingredients and products, crafting time) as well as many other things that can be toggled individually like belt speed, crafting speeds, energy consumption, weapon damage...
16 days ago
0.15 - 0.17

Tree Growth: Natural expansion

Allows saplings to spawn near trees.
20 days ago
0.15 - 0.17

Mining Space Industries

This is a story driven mod, like a campaign with lots of challenges, now enhanced with Space Exploration. Your team was hired by MSi (Mining Space Industries) with a purpose: extract mineral riches from a distant planet. But you had a terrible accident when landing. Will you be able to accomplish the task you where hired for?
20 days ago
0.15 - 0.17

AAI Programmable Vehicles

Makes vehicles act like RTS units. Control them using a remote control handset, or program them with circuit conditions and zones. Can be used for base enemy base assault, patrols, friendly base navigation, vehicle-based mining, and more advanced applications. Works with vanilla and modded vehicles. Visit the mod portal page for a full feature list or the forums for tutorials.
25 days ago
0.14 - 0.17

Momo +(30)Science Mod

Add more complex crafting for science. An overhaul mod make for 30 new Science Pack(MSP) Bob's, Angel's. Reintroduce Bob'sExtended Item. >> Include MOD PACK <<
26 days ago
0.16 - 0.17

Ninja's Bot Start

Gives the player basic items to use robots at the start of the game.
27 days ago
0.16 - 0.17


WIP-Mod for my Clan Server
29 days ago
0.16 - 0.17


Generate timelapses of your base to view in browsers! Please read the instructions over at
a month ago
0.16 - 0.17

Ores to Landfill

Allows you to convert iron ore, copper ore, coal, sulfur, and uranium into landfill. Also supports various angel's/bob's ores.
a month ago
0.16 - 0.17


On entity deconstruction you get your ingredients back; the recycling type mod, the balance is not changed
a month ago
0.16 - 0.17

Squeak Through

Allows you to walk between what used to be obstacles such as directly adjacent solar panels, pipes, steam engines, mining drills, and chests. No more frustration when walking about your base!
a month ago
0.13 - 0.17

Bob's Electronics

Adds a whole new electronics production chain.
a month ago
0.13 - 0.17

Lenny Industries

Lenny Industries a Factorio mod that adds some stuff.
a month ago
0.15 - 0.17