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Leighzer's Uranium Logistics deprecated

Deprecated: This mod has been expanded into Leighzer's Uranium Innovations. Adds a new tier of uranium infused transport belts.

2 months ago

More miniloaders

by Jakzie

Adds more miniloaders from Miniloader mod for some modded transport belts. Includes miniloaders for Leighzer's Uranium Logistics, One More Tier, Xander Mod, Iper Belt, Hiladdar's Belts and 5Dim. Includes an API for mod creators to add their own miniloaders.

a month ago
1.0 - 1.1

Uranium Belts

Adds really really fast belts that are made with uranium. Originally by Spieker, Updated to .17 by nucleargen, Updated to .18 by Dante_589

11 months ago
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