by N0TZ3R0

Adds a Electric Transformer to powerup our vehicles. With this mod you can turn almost any vehicle into an electric vehicle.

5 months ago

g Q about the Dependencies

8 months ago

Can't load this with Space Exploration and Krastorio 2 game I have going atm, (Bobs Vehicles is incompatible with Space and Vehicle Grid is incompatible with Krast 2).

So, could I still run this, if I removed the dependencies and used similar mods?

8 months ago

If you remove vehicle grid it will work fine ( I hope ), but bob's warfare is needed because it adds fuel consumption to spidertron, since I'm new to modding I didn't find a solution in control.lua to check if bob's warfare mod is enabled then ( I'm simple words ) add spidertron to the list of vehicles allowed to be turner to electric. But if u need for now it working, go in the mod control.lua then edit the line that has:

car, locomotive, spider-vehicle

And remove the spider-vehicle

It should work after that

8 months ago

Sweet!! thanks!

8 months ago

No prob, stay tuned tomorrow I'll try to do some fixes and remove these dependencies, maybe tomorrow or two to three days.

8 months ago

As I promised, these dependencies are now optional.

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