Mobile Factory

Update: Change of Leadership A mod with many features where you can make a Mobile Factory, build you base inside and travel around the world. The mod contain a way to transfer items via the Circuit Network, some nice way to mine Ore or extract Fluid, many new chemical elements, Jets who will work for you, Data Storage of Items, and many more ...
3 days ago
0.17 - 0.18

i Not destroy dimensional fluid spot please?

- 2 months ago
(updated 2 months ago)

This is sort of a request but maybe not. If you use the fluid extractor it destroys the resource, even though if you use the pumpjacks it is infinite. Even if it was at 1/s with 0 productivity bonus you get it 600x faster... for like 30 seconds with quatrron 20, and then it's gone forever. That's not noted anywhere (not even on the wiki). I noticed that's explicitly scripted. Why not minimize the fluid spot at 1/s, or even .5?

- 2 months ago

Cause the goal of Mobile Factory is to move, and get ressources as quickly as possible.
You are not intended to stay and wait for fluid at 1u/s

- 2 months ago

Right, the fluid pole isn't wireless. If you really want to be a dick, make the fluid unbarrelable, so you can't even transport barrels of it wirelessly.

- 2 months ago

Was just thinking, you could find a way to have pollution damage the tank or something, so you really do have to keep moving.