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6 days ago

i Item names and using item text syntax...

- 9 days ago

Hey Deadlock. I just ran across this issue as I was trying to use the bracketed item syntax to show the icon for crushed copper ore as part of my one of my train station names. Some of your names do not match up to the icon name. In this case, "crushed copper ore" is the name in game, but "copper gravel" is the name of the icon. This can make things a bit confusing when trying to use the icons.

- 9 days ago
(updated 9 days ago)

I appreciate that the naming system makes it harder to use rich text. This is a clear disadvantage of the following.

It might help to know that everything from IR's component system, like a few other systems in the mod, is procedurally generated. The system does support name exceptions, most often to match items from the system with precisely equivalent vanilla items - e.g. coal, not carbon-ore - or if they really tripped me up every single time - e.g. sand, not stone-powder - but if it was a list of all 600+ potential items the system is capable of spitting out, then it would no longer be procedural, and it would be a massive headache for me to maintain. At that point I might as well make the mod out of cut and paste prototype lists like other people do, massively prone to human error and really hard to read.

It's impossible for me to exaggerate how much time this system, combined with the tech tree generator that is also very powerful but also has disadvantages, have collectively saved me. I can add a new material and a whole new set of up to 20-odd components by adding about 10 lines of code, coupled to an equivalent Python script in Blender which spits out the icons automatically by defining one surface material. If IR worked like other mods that same action would run to hundreds and hundreds of lines and be massively harder to maintain. You would not have seen this mod for another 6 months, most likely, and it wouldn't be the same mod by any means - or it would never have been finished because I would have gone completely round the bend.

Also, renaming things after a mod has been released means migrations and those are a pain in the neck for all concerned as well.

So unfortunately the idiosyncracies of the name system are here to stay. Vanilla can afford to use 100% natural language names for its prototypes - I am using something more code-like, by design. Pros and cons.

- 9 days ago
(updated 9 days ago)

If you ask me, the rich text system shouldn't expect players to know the internal code names for items in the first place, though. The game is multilingual after all.

- 9 days ago

Did not know that you had the whole thing procedural. That makes sense then. I am wondering if it is possible to create an "insert icon" button that would allow the selecting of icons, much like your signs do? That would certainly solve the problem, but I'm uncertain as to its feasibility.

- 8 days ago

Someone was working on something on those lines in the mod-making channel on the Factorio Discord recently. It sounded fraught with issues. Definitely something for an external mod.