Asimov Mod

Alternative Factorio, slightly changed rules, primarly to be more scientifically correct. Mass storage building, substations have a large supply area, new chemical ammonium nitrate, more use for wood, charcoal recipe, sulphur gained from oil instead of gas. Additionally makes building up and planning in the earlier stages easier. Don't use on existing savefiles, mixing with other technology changing mods might properly make a modded game unplayable.

14 days ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
14 days ago
Latest Version:
1.1.0 (14 days ago)
Factorio version:
17 times

Slightly changed rules and recipes, simple warehouse (needs better graphic), substations with much larger supply area, see list below. - What do you think ?

Things to come: the warehouse will get a smaller size of 1024 slots, this will damage older savefiles. Some mod options to disable/enable some aspects of Asimov.

  • New building "warehouse", a 6x6 tiles large storage building resp. "giant chest"
  • Fluid colours changed to look more naturally, tough still distinguishable
  • Rail signals made brighter to recognise their state
  • Landfill needs less stones and looks "better"
  • Substations are bigger, cover a much wider area and are really useful now
  • Steel furnaces are basis of electric furnaces and same size
  • Electric furnaces are easier to craft and faster to research
  • Electric furnaces require much more power
  • Railway tracks available from the beginning (aiding planning)
  • Railway automation & signals put together in one research
  • First levels of train brake improvement made much cheaper/easier
  • Changed oil product ratios, solid fuel costs, cracking gain
  • Coal liquefaction now uses water instead of steam
  • Added "charcoal" recipe; "smelting" raw wood to coal
  • Heavy-oil-cracking now has petroleum gas as by-product
  • Sulphur is now a waste product of any oil refining, can't be gained otherwise
  • Sulphur has to be get rid of, can be stored or burned at high pollution rate
  • Explosives now need ammonium nitrate, crafted from coal and water
  • Grenades need less coal
  • Piercing rounds need less material but more time
  • Plastic bars are only crafted out of natural(petroleum) gas
  • Batteries additionally need plastic bars to be crafted
  • Engine units require lubricant
  • Electric engine units don't need further lubricant but copper wires
  • Chemical science pack needs explosives, batteries and advanced circuits
  • Pumps require electric engines
  • 4 "tag items" added to aid controlling of smart train stations
  • Rocket fuel has a more correct, higher burning value