5Dim's mod - Transport

by McGuten
Transport for 5dim's mod
12 days ago
0.13 - 0.18

b 30 & 50 underground belt doesnt work.

- 2 years ago

30+ and 50+ underground belt (yellow) doesnt go beyond five cases, like normal underground belt. Its written in there desicription (max size : 5)
Is there some compatibility problems with other mods?

- 5 months ago

I have this problem to! 5dim_transport_0.17.2

- 5 months ago
(updated 5 months ago)

If you have Bob's Logistics mod enabled, go to in Settings > Mod settings, In the startup tab, find the heading Bob's Logistics mod, then under that heading, find Underground distance overhaul, uncheck it, I believe that option is enabled by default. It should be at the bottom of the Bobs Logistics mod settings list. 5dims 30 and 50 belts should have the correct distance. If you don't have Bob's Logistics, you'll need to search for yourself on what is modifying underground belt distance. Also found a problem with Longer Underground Belts Aligned. This mod was also overwriting underground belt length. I just removed that mod completely.

- 5 months ago
(updated 5 months ago)

My apologies. My problem was only with the Longer Underground Belts Aligned mod. If I disabled Underground distance overhaul option for Bob's Logistics options, it caused problems in my base because the base mod pipes and underground belts were too short without Underground distance overhaul checked. I'm guessing your the problem with another mods options or another mod itself in my case. 5dims is working fine for me with 130+ mods.